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After twenty five plus years of restorting aircraft, we have scaled  down our operation to a family run, one at a time operation on aircraft of our own choosing. Our current project is a 1942 WACO VKS-7F.  This aircraft has all original records and has never been damaged. It is being 100% restored with all new wood, instruments restored to original layout, and all components restored to like new condition.


This website is dediated to documenting the progress and detail during the restoration of this project and to help promote vintage aircraft restoration in general.  Please see the blog are after the picture pages. If you need parts, have parts, interesting comments or anything, please feel free to chime in.


I will be attempting to update this site regularly, and invite all comments and input by viewers. There is a contributers blog area after the picture pages.  I wll be learning the website building progress as I go so apologies in advance if things appear amatureish, as they are!  The blog site area of the website is added for viewers to post comments and hopefully generate valuable information to all attempting the challenging and time comsuming task of vintage aircraft restoration.