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  1. OK! My first Blog site comment. I hope to get some help with the project in this area, as well as helping others if I can. I think it may help us all find parts or vendors etc. To start, I have a need for some help with a flare tube box. I am not installing the box, but I have the flare launch panel restored, and will install this. As you can see from the pictures (please look at the current work page) I have the front panel of the flare box that mounts between the stringers. I need to know what this looked like back when flares were installed as I wish to duplicate that look. For many years, these panels have been simply fabric covered. I don’t have any pictures of these back when the flares were used. Did the fabric glue around the holes and then there was some kind of blow out plug? Did the flares just show flush with the panel? Help….Anyone with any pictures or info please chime in, email or be the first to post on this blog…or second..and WELCOME!

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