1942 Waco VKS-7F NC31674 05

About this site

We have this site to document the contruction of our cabin Waco NC31674.  After years of restoring aircraft for our customers we have retired and now are finishing up this project which has remained in the back of the shop/hangar for many years.  The restoration of any cabin bi-plane is an intense undertaking and those that have been involved with these projects understand the staggaring amount of time that is involved.  These aircraft are almost entirely hand crafted and no two parts are alike.  Each piece is entirely unique and almost no parts are interchangable from aircraft to aircraft, even of the same model.


This site will help demonstrate this fact and hopefully bring the world of restoration a little closer together.  It has taken me many months to find the correct layout that can involve the reader through the "blog" area.  As I am new to website construction and maintenance, things may move slow, but I will attempt to update as often as I can.  Please feel free to email or add comments to the blog and check back often to see how we are progressing.


This cabin waco was born in 1942 and was one of about 13 contructed and sold to the "CPT" training program during WW2.  It was purchased by Purdue university and was used to train pilots in instrument and navigation.  This was all done with old vacuum AN style gyros, and needle ball and airspeed instruments.  Radio nav was primarily ADF for this airplane.  All this radio equipment was still under the rear seat of the aircraft when it was dissassembled. The following pages will document its dissassembly, restoration/repair and reassembly.